Dermapen Skin Needling Treatments

Do you want to improve fine lines and wrinkles, or reduce the appearance of scarring, pigmentation and sun damage?

Dermapenl Micro-needling might be the right treatment for you. Skin needling, is also called micro needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT). Professional skin needling works by creating thousands of microscopic channels in the dermis of the skin. In response, the skin cells release a series of growth factors and proteins that promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

This procedure is done using a motorized instrument, the Dermapen, that uses a small disposable sterilized needle tip. The small tip can treat hard to reach areas that in the past could not be treated with a dermal roller. This also reduces epidermal damage and recovery time. The Dermapen is the original, best, cutting edge, automated dermal needling device on the market today. This treatment has an superior effect on collagen and elastin production, with a visible reduction of all signs of aging.


The cost of a Dermapen  treatment varies depending on the area receiving treatment. To determine exactly what you need I recommended a consultation before any treatment.

Dermal needling Face  - $250             

Dermal Needling Face and neck - $300                                      

Dermal needling  Face, neck and décolleté  - $350

Other areas - P.O.A

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